World Taxpayers Association (WTA)

The World Taxpayers Associations, WTA, is a dynamic organization connecting taxpayer protection groups from over 60 countries in order to share best practices and to create opportunities for collaboration, so as to spread economic freedom to millions of citizens worldwide.


Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE)

The Taxpayers Association of Europe has grown out of the desire of citizens to protect themselves from the increasing tax claims of the state. Taxpayers Association of Europe is a federation of 29 national taxpayers associations throughout Europe with more than one million members. It works towards a society with lower taxes and more individual freedom.

Through its work, it wishes to stimulate efficiency and economy in the public sector and supports legislation to limit tax burdens, prevent unjust harassment by tax collectors, and provide clear information about government taxation and expenditure.


German Taxpayers’ Association (BdSt)

The German Taxpayers’ Association is a registered non-partisan,
independent and non-profit association with more than a quarter of a million members, established 1949 in order to protect citizens’ interests against sprawling bureaucracy and high tax burden.

It is organized into 15 independent regional organizations and in addition the German Taxpayer Institute (DSI, Deutsches Steuerzahlerinstitut) as its own scientific research facility, which annually publishes the Black Book “The wasting of public funds”.


eupag GmbH

eupag GmbH provides services for businesses, associations, foundations and government agencies in the field of EU public policy and event organization. To this end, it offers various services in the field of event organizing, media consulting and training services. Additionally the company develops and markets IT solutions to support these services.