Tim Andrews

Executive Director, TaxPayers Alliance (Australia)

MP Norbert

Parlamentray State Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany

Prof. Dr. Helge Braun

Minister of State Germany

Elmar Brok, MEP

Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET)


Journalist, Author and Broadcaster

Georg Fahrenschon

President German Savings Banks Association

MEP Markus

Member of the European Parliament

Dr. Ingo Friedrich

President European Economic Senate (EWS), Vice President European Parliament ret.

John Fund

The Wall Street Journal

Prof. Pierre Garello

President of the Institute for Economic Studies - Europe (IES)

Dr. Peter Grünenfelder

State Chancellor Canton of Aargau, Switzerland anddesignated Director of the Think Tank Avenir Suisse

Kerry Halferty Hardy

Member of Board of Directors of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), Non-Profit Fundraiser

Reiner Holznagel

President German Taxpayers Assocation (BdSt)

Jonathan Isaby

Chief Executive of TaxPayers` Alliance

Dipl.-Kfm. Michael

Secretary General Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE), CEO European Economic Senate (EES)

Drew Johnson

Journalist, The Washington Times

Barbara Kolm

Chairman Austrian Economics Center (AEC),European Resource Bank

Troy Lanigan

Vice Chairman of World
Taxpayers Associations, President and CEO of Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Klaus Heiner Lehne

Member of European Court of Auditors ECA


Personal Style and Shopping Coach

Mark Littlewood

Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)

Prof. Dr. Marco Mansdörfer

Chair of Criminal Law, Law Relating to Economic Offences and Criminal Law at the University of Saarland

Lorenzo Montanari

Director of International Programs & Affairs - Americans for Tax Reform.

Prof Dr Neville Norman

Professor of Economics at the University of Melbourne

MEP Ludek Niedermayer

Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of European Parliament

Dr. Kristian Niemietz

Head of Health and Welfare of the Institute of Economic Affairs (iea)

Grover Norquist

President of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR)

HSH Prince Michael
of Liechtenstein

Chairman of the Board Geopolitical Information Service AG

Laurent Picheral

CEO Hotel Services Central and Eastern Europe ACCOR HOTELS S.A.

Richard W. Rahn

Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute

MEP Dr. Paul Rubig

Member of Committee on Budgets of European Parliament, President SME Global, President SME Europe hon.

Dr. Ralf Wilhelm

CEO rs Medienberatung

Pete Sepp

President National Taxpayers Union’s (NTU’s)

Jag Singh

Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor in Early-Stage Start-ups, and Digital Innovator

MP Johannes Singhammer

Vice President German Parliament

Prof. Juraj Sipko

Institute of Economic Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Philip Stevens

Prof Edward Stringham

Fayetteville State University

Matthew Tyrmand

American Transparency, Open The Books

Prof. Richard Vedder

Ohio State University

Rolf Baron Vielhauer von Hohenhau

President Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE)

Prof Dr Dr h.c. Werner Weidenfeld

Director of the Center for Applied Policy Research (CAP) of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich


President World Taxpayers Assocations (WTA)

Prof Dr Martin Wenz

Chair for Tax Management and Laws of Liechtenstein and International Taxation, University of Liechtenstein.

David E. Williams

President, Taxpayer Protection Alliance (USA)